Until 1974, when LILWA was founded, the septic services industry on Long Island was comprised of small businesses operating independently of each other, with no clear lines of communication among them. As the Island's population was growing rapidly and realizing that the industry needed a means to address a myriad new issues arising from this growth, a small group of septic service companies formed this Association. Their goal was to form a clearinghouse for the exchange of information among the members, to give the industry a unified voice with which to deal with regulatory agencies, the press and the general public. In addition, the founders wanted to improve the image and raise professional standards within the Liquid Waste Industry.

Thirty years later, our goals are very much the same as they were back in 1974. We have introduced an aggressive certification program for member companies to ensure that our technicians meet certain minimum standards of knowledge, proficiency and skill, we have a drivers' education program and specialized committees to deal with specific issues facing our membership. We have designated representatives to meet regularly with the state and local officials that are responsible for issues relating to the septic services industry, and we a press liaison officer who is responsible for getting important information out to the general public.

We understand that the way we conduct business will have significant consequences for the residents and businesses on Long Island, that there are serious public health, safety, environmental and economic issues that must be faced, and that we have an obligation to act responsibly for the good of our industry and for the good of the public in general. We take this obligation seriously. For the most part, we reside in the communities we serve, we raise our children and have located our businesses here. In short, we understand that what is good for Long Island is good for us.
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