The following links are included here because we believe that these sites contain useful information regarding areas of concern for the Liquid Waste industry. Inclusion does not necessarily imply agreement with, or endorsement of any position or opinion expressed in these web sites, or by any of the organizations they represent.
National Association of Wastewater Transporters
A nationwide organization representing Liquid Waste industry businesses and trade groups. NAWT has a comprehensive education and certification program. The site has state by state list of local industry orgs.
Pumper Magazine / Cleaner Magazine (Cole Publishing Inc.)
Cole Publishing produces the two major trade magazines of the Liquid Waste industry as well as the largest annual trade show. An excellent resource. Links for both publications and the trade show can be found at:
American Liquid Waste Magazine (Phoenix Global Inc.)

Dedicated to articles of interest to the liquid waste industry. Lots of information and lots of advertisers.
Small Flows Clearinghouses
A federally funded project of West Virginia University. Informative and thorough. Another excellent resource.
Nassau and Suffolk County Governments
Links to Long Island's county agencies including their respective Health Departments and Departments of Public Works.

To download all requisite forms/applications regarding the abandonment and/or certification of septic systems in Suffolk County:

Standards for Residential Septic Systems in Suffolk County

Standards for Commercial Septic Systems in Suffolk County

Walter J. Hilbert, PE, Chief Principal Public Health Engineer - SCDHS
email: Walter Hilbert@SuffolkCounty.Gov
Office of Wastewater Management: (631) 852-5700
Pennsylvania Septage Management Association
A statewide organization of Liquid Waste industry businesses and trade groups. Informative web site.
The Peconic Baykeeper
A non-profit organization focusing on environmental issues regarding the coastal waters, bays and and estuaries of Long Island.
Grease Related Links

The internet contains a wealth of information about the problems caused by cooking grease and how those problems are being addressed around the country. The sites listed below are representative of the kind of excellent resources available.
Produced by the City of San Diego, CA, it has excellent diagrams of grease traps.
A general information site with some very good tips on what the general public can do to mitigate the flow of grease into sewer lines, cesspools and sewage treatment plants.
Charlotte, NC / Mecklenburg County website dealing with local issues including an active grease disposal program.
Christian Science Monitor story on "bio-diesel", an alternative automotive fuel made from recycled cooking grease.
More well organized information on how to deal with fat and grease disposal at the household level.
Your federal tax dollar at work in the form of a downloadable treatise about biodiesel fuels.
Outstanding site from the municipal government of St. Petersburg, FL. They have a good handle on the grease situation and there is valuable information here despite the colorful "vintage postcard" presentation.
The site lays out the role of the federal government in issues regarding septic systems. You can also access the The Clean Water Act of 1977.

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